Napa homeowners are getting bold with their front entry door color choices in an attempt to add a bit of extra curb appeal. However, with so many color options, you may be wondering which color creates the strongest first impression on guests and family members. By now, we are all familiar with the fact that various colors can make us feel angry, sad or even creative, but which colors create the warmest welcome? Building Society ran a survey and you won’t believe the color that came in first!

In second place, one in five (or nearly 18%) preferred a basic white tone, saying that it created a clean first impression. While we have to agree with the polished look, it’s important to remember that this color may easily show stains or scratches, so if you choose to go with this tone, you’ll want to be sure you’re up to the task of maintaining its appearance.

In third place, with 12% of the votes was blue, which was said to create a calming effect. Blue is frequently used in homes going for a more rustic or beach house look, but for those going for something a bit more formal, it may not be the choice you’re looking for.

Finally, in first place, red took a surprising lead with 19% of the votes. In color psychology, red tones typically create feelings of urgency, passion, or even aggression. However, when done correctly, red on a front entry door seems to create a warm welcoming vibe that makes a smooth contrast against white or cream colored walls. If you do choose to go with red, we suggest going with a deeper tone rather than a red that may be an eye sore.

Now that you know the most welcoming door color tones, you may be wondering what the least welcoming tone is. Also a surprise, yellow comes in as the least welcoming tone for a front entry door receiving only 2% of the votes. This could be due to the fact that other studies have shown that yellow is generally the public’s least favorite color, which would explain why it made its way to the bottom of the list.  Either way, a bold color statement is one of the perks that comes with owning your own home and being able to express your individual style.

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