Choosing new front entry doors for your Vallejo home is a creative and exciting time. As a homeowner there are a number of styles and material options to choose from. However, there are two front entry door materials that continue to be the most popular…fiberglass and wood. Outside of their popularity, fiberglass front entry doors and wood front entry doors couldn’t be more different, but that doesn’t mean a number of homeowners don’t find themselves struggling to pick between the two. To help you with the decision, we’ve put together a short side-by-side look at the two materials and how they measure up to one another.


One of the things homeowners love most about wood front entry doors is their natural look and feel. Wood doors have a particular warmth to them, and due to the fact that they come in so many tones and species, it’s almost guaranteed there’s a front entry door for any home style. When it comes to fiberglass front entry doors, you won’t find much difference here. In fact, many homeowners are unable to tell the difference between the two, especially now that manufacturers are including details like knots and character flaws to make the appearance on fiberglass options more authentic.


As attractive as wood front entry doors may be, homeowners are often less than thrilled with the amount maintenance they require as time goes by. Due to the material’s poor weather resistance, wood front entry doors have do be sanded, painted or stained every year in order to maintain their appearance and functionality. Fortunately, fiberglass front entry doors provide the same look without all the extra hassle and upkeep. In fact, fiberglass front entry doors require little more than the occasional cleaning with soap and water to maintain their stunning appearance.

Energy Efficiency

Similar to their upkeep and maintenance, the poor weather resistance of wood front entry doors leaves plenty of room for improvement when it comes to energy efficiency. Wood front entry doors have the tendency to absorb excess moisture, which leads to warping, rotting, and other weather damage that significantly decreases the energy efficiency of your doors. The good news is, fiberglass front entry doors are durable, long lasting, and won’t absorb any extra moisture. Partner this with their numerous energy efficient features and it’s easy to see how fiberglass front entry doors save homeowners hundreds on annual energy expenses.

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