Our Mission

A new front door can dramatically elevate the look of your home, but the front door buying experience has been notoriously complex, time-consuming and intimidating. At Rocket Door, we set out to un-complicate the current system by simplifying the cumbersome process into 3 easy steps:

Consult | Design | Install.

Single-Minded Focus

The Rocket Door ownership team has an average of nearly 30 years of experience – not just in home improvement, but specifically in the front door industry. By focusing exclusively on front doors, we understand how replacing this single item can dramatically transform the appearance of your entire home.

We also know which manufacturers measure up to our high standards, so our customers are assured that the front door they select reflects the absolute finest in quality.

And just as important, Rocket Door is committed to providing you with a hassle-free buying experience and earning your complete satisfaction. No wonder more and more homeowners are making Rocket Door their first – and sometimes only – stop for their home makeover project!

The Low-Stress Solution for High-End Results.

When it comes to enhancing your home’s curb appeal, few home improvements make a more dramatic difference than replacing your front door. A new front door should be the first piece of any home makeover. But prior to Rocket Door, the front door replacement process was cumbersome and stressful, usually leading consumers to one of two inferior choices: the local big box store or home improvement store.

At a big box store, you’re required to make important decisions on your own or with the “help” of an untrained sales associate. If you believe you’re saving time and money this way, remember: in addition to purchasing the door, you’ll also have a number of additional expenses, from hardware and moldings to contractors to handle measuring, installing and painting/staining, to disposal of your old door.

If you opt for a home improvement store instead: beware! The sales staff thrive on big ticket, high-profit projects, so they’ll be trying to sell you more than just a front door. And they lack the expertise required to guide you through the intricate process of replacing your front door.

Enter Rocket Door…

We’ve made it easy to get the high-end, sophisticated look you want for your home’s entry, with the assurance of top-quality products and service. No more clueless big box employees or pushy sales associates – just local door experts with knowledge, passion and an innovative 3-step approach you’ll appreciate.

Step 1: Consult

Click the “Let’s Get Started” button at the bottom of any screen on our site, and set up your free, in-home consultation with Rocket Door. Our friendly consultant will evaluate your current door and opening, listen to your needs and ideas, and present options in a collaborative, no-pressure conversation.

Step 2: Design

At Rocket Door, we take the guesswork out designing your front door. Instead of forcing you to design your door from a brochure, we invite you into the largest front door-only showroom in Northern California, where you can design your door based on our incredible variety of styles, colors, glass, hardware options and trim patterns.

Step 3: Install

Once your door has been designed, we’ll send a technician to measure your existing door opening, then order your door from the manufacturer. When your door is ready, you’ll receive a call from Rocket Door to schedule the installation, which will most likely be completed in one day or less.

Our Out-of-This-World Installation Guarantee.

By now, nothing should surprise you about Rocket Door – the company that revolutionized front door replacement with meticulous quality standards, a high-end product range and a streamlined buying experience. It stands to reason that our installation team should be on par with our commitment to excellence – and it is. So much so, that every Rocket Door installation is backed by an industry-leading 5-year service guarantee.

How can we stand behind our service for so long? Because Rocket Door employs our own in-house, company-trained installers. No subcontractors. No middlemen. Just dedicated installation experts who are passionate about living up to the Rocket Door standard of excellence, all under the oversight of the Project Coordinator whose only job is facilitating your project from start to finish.

Installation, 5 Year Service

Above the Rest

A company can have a great story, a great product, and a great price, but without a great installation team, none of that matters. Rocket Door stands above the rest in service with a 5 Year Service Guarantee, in-house company-trained installers (no sub-contractors or middle man) and a dedicated Project Coordinator whose only job is facilitating your project from start to finish.


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