If you’re thinking about adding some patio fiberglass doors to your Elk Grove, CA home, you’ve probably been considering both French and sliding door styles. Though the two have very obvious aesthetic differences, they also have a few different key features that can make one or the other the best option for your home. Consider the following when deciding between sliding and French patio fiberglass doors for your home.

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Budget is always important, as it doesn’t matter how much you love a door or style if you cant afford it. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider the differences in cost between French and sliding doors. French doors are usually more expensive than sliding options, but that can also change depending on size, energy efficiency, and materials. Sliding doors usually cost about half of what French doors cost.

French doors that swing out usually cost more, just like doors made from wood are more expensive than fiberglass. Doors can also cost more depending on add-ons like glass, special detailing and other features.


Space is just as, if not more crucial than cost since no matter what the door’s price or style it has to fit in your home. Generally, French doors need more space than sliding, as they need room to swing in or out. If you are putting the doors in a smaller space, or a room with large furniture in the way, sliding doors might be the way to go.

However, if you have the room, French doors allow for a larger opening to move in and out of the house. This extra space can make bringing in furniture or hosting parties much easier.


Both French and sliding fiberglass doors allow lots of natural light into your home, but sliding doors generally have a bigger glass surface area than French, since French doors need a wider frame. It’s important to note that his wider frame is considered very traditionally stylish, and would look great with homes of more classic architectural styles.

The hardware and finishes on both doors also come in different styles. For example, sliding doors have arched pull handles while most French doors have levers. Sliding doors also usually have screens, allowing you to open the doors for fresh air without letting in bugs or pests, but French doors do not.

Energy Efficiency

Both French and sliding fiberglass doors have good energy efficiency. You can find both styles with Energy Star ratings to give you more information on that door’s specific energy efficiency. No matter which style you choose, you should pay attention to energy efficiency as efficient doors can help save you money on your energy spending by reducing your energy consumption.

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