When was the last time you really thought about the doors on your home? Though you use them everyday, you most likely haven’t really thought about your Sacramento, CA fiberglass doors in a while. Its most likely only when your doors start to look a little outdated or shabby that you notice them. If you’ve noticed that your doors need some love, you can use these tips, tricks and ideas as inspiration for you to add, replace or update them.

Sacramento, CA fiberglass doorsConvert Your Windows To Doors

If you have an outdoor space that you love, but don’t use it as much as you should, or you use your outdoor space all the time but are sick of using an old window to pass out food and drinks from the kitchen, you should consider turning that window into a door. That way, you can easily access your outdoor space while enjoying more natural light in your home.

If you already have a patio door, you could make it more effective and efficient by replacing it with a sliding door. Sliding doors are stylish and energy efficient, and come with lots of modern features like nested blinds and more for even more convenience, appeal and function.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Your front door is one of the first things guests see when coming to your home, so why not make it special? You can easily update or replace your fiberglass front door to improve your home’s curb appeal. This not only makes your home more welcoming and unique, but also increases your house’s perceived market value. That’s a great benefit if you’re ever looking to sell or refinance.

How do you update your front door? Try a coat of paint or a stain, or add a glass panel or two. You could also invest in planters or other changeable decorations you can switch out for different seasons.

Focus on Efficiency

Your doors are basically just big holes in your home’s insulation. Make your home more energy efficient by replacing your existing doors or adding some energy efficiency features. If you’re looking to replace, fiberglass doors are great options as they are well insulated, resistant to swelling and contracting, and are super tough for years of use. Don’t want to invest in a new door? Consider adding smaller features like weather-stripping or caulk to make your existing door more energy efficient.

Go Custom

Focus on replacing or fixing your doors with unique features that match your personal style and preferences as well as your home’s specific needs. The more unique your door, the better it will be. Take the time to think about and plan for what your doors need, and work with an experienced door business for expert guidance and assistance.

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