There is always talk about front doors, from replacing them with custom built models to repainting, refinishing, or even relighting. In fact, updating the front door is a common annual home improvement project for many homeowners in Vacaville, CA and beyond. But what about back doors? While a new front fiberglass door in Vacaville, CA can improve a home’s curb appeal and subsequently its overall value, a back door is oftentimes just as important.

A new back door might not seem as fun or cool as investing in a new pool, but putting money into a touchup, change of door color, new glass installation, or stylish hardware can really make a rear entrance stylish and function, and therefore make your home more stylish and functional. In addition to making your home look better, a new fiberglass back door can also increase your home’s energy efficiency, helping to reduce energy usage and costs.

fiberglass door in Vacaville, CAThere are three main kinds of fiberglass back doors that can make your home more appealing and set the aesthetic for your entire backyard:

  • Sliding Patio Doors – Sliding patio doors are great for when you want to save some space. They usually come with large, double panes of glass, leaving you with an open, unobstructed view of your backyard space, garden, or pool. You can also install a screen door on one side for extra ventilation that still keeps the critters and bugs out.
  • Double French Doors – Double French doors are elegant, timeless, and a wonderful choice for when you want to make your backyard and back entrance seem larger than life. They can be installed to open onto a balcony, back patio, deck, or even into another room. They bring a classic style that goes well with almost any architectural look, and also add a touch of drama to your home. You can leave them both open, or just one for ventilation options.
  • Folding Patio Doors – Folding patio doors make for a wide opening in and out of your home. They are ideal for entrances into kitchens, dens, dining room or master bedrooms so the space can flow into the backyard or patio area. Some folding patio door installations have multiple sets of hinged double French doors, where others use according-style glass doors that push back out of the way to save space.

While the front door is for company, the back door usually sees the most daily use and traffic. That’s why its imperative that you choose a back door material that’s durable and tough while still being fashionable. One material that fits the bill is fiberglass. Fiberglass is energy efficient, stylish, tough, and easy to care for so it looks great for years to come.

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