A quick Google search will help you collect your thoughts and put together a comprehensive list of questions to go over with a Rocket Door specialist. But there are five questions few homeowners don’t know to ask—and the answers are just as crucial to the process as whether to choose fiberglass or wood:

Who does your doors?

If you want to avoid the carnage scene in Ghostbusters, make sure to ask where the door and jamb will be manufactured. If these are produced in different factories or on different dates, you increase your chances that the stars or anything else will align perfectly on installation day.

Are my doors pre-hung in the same factory?

What’s not to love about a door arriving already hung on the jamb? The more opportunities to avoid mistakes, the better. But just as you don’t want these individual parts manufactured in different facilities, nor do you want a third party assembling them before shipping. One factory, one responsibility is your clearest path to satisfaction.

Who will paint your doors and jambs?

The key phrases you want to hear are “baked-on finish” and  “applied at the same time in the same factory in which they are made.” It’s the best way to insure the materials match  perfectly and with the same standards as the actual construction of the door itself. Few homeowners care if the core is good when the appearance is flaking.

Will the jambs rely on finger-jointed material?

If the answer is yes, back away. The strategy, of course, is to eliminate knots in the wood at an affordable price. Finger jointing is fine for many types of interior trim, but the joints can loosen, which you don’t want to happen with a weight-bearing door. Nor can you get around the problems that may be inherent in the materials, such as a twist, warp or internal stresses if the wood was stored too long on a wet slab somewhere.

Does the door feature ball bearing hinges?

Insist on this feature, because ball bearing hinges are the smoothest and quietest option, and thanks to the lubrication, these hinges are much more durable than their counterparts. So you can say good-bye to that black graphite dust on your door casings. Any time you’re working with a solid core, exterior door, ball bearings are a must-have ingredient for your overall satisfaction.

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