Let’s face it: A conversation about entry door replacement goes deeper than a discussion of wood grains and handles.

But never fear. At Rocket Door, we have compiled this cheat sheet to help you translate:

  • Lite: Glass in the door.
  • Art glass:Decorative glass in a variety of colors/shapes/patterns used to accent a door.
  • Divided lite: Panes of glass that are divided, or appear to be.
  • Grille: Plastic, wooden or metal details that give the appearance of divided lites.
  • Caming: Strips of metal used for joining segmented glass.
  • Casing/trim: Molding that surrounds your door frame.
  • Stop: Strip of wood around the entire inside of the door that prevents the door from swinging too far.
  • Panels: Rectangular patterns on the door used for show.
  • Inswing: A door that opens in.
  • Outswing: A door that opens out.
  • Left-Handed: Hinges are on the right side of the door.
  • Right-Handed: Hinges are on the left side of the door.
  • Brickmould: Molding used around a door (or window) that fills the gap between where the door and the wall of the house meet.
  • Slab door:A rectangular slab of wood, composite or steel without hinges or other hardware.
  • Prehung door: A complete, ready-to-install door that includes a door slab, hinges and outer frame that fits into a prepared doorway.
  • Inactive door: The door in a double-door set that does not contain a latch-set, but instead is bolted at the top and bottom to hold it stationary when shut. This door receives the latch or bolt of the active door.
  • Rails and stiles: Horizontal and vertical parts that brace a wood door.
  • Jamb: The frame to which the door’s hinges are attached that surrounds the door when it’s closed.
  • Faceplate: The small, rectangular-shaped piece of metal that surrounds the door latch on the edge of the door.
  • Weep holes:Small holes placed on the exterior of a door that allows for water drainage.
  • Threshold:Decorative wood component used as a transition to the interior flooring.

It’s perfectly acceptable to bring this list with you, so call (707) 689-5147 to set up your consultation at the Rocket Door showroom today!