entry doors in your Vallejo, CAMice, rats, bugs and other pests are the stuff of homeowner nightmares. While a lot of these nasty critters get into homes through cracks, crevices and other tiny holes, a lot of them get in through poorly sealed doors. Learn a few tips to pest-proof the entry doors in your Vallejo, CA home to keep the annoyances outside where they belong.  

  • Measure  Before you bust out the toolkit, make sure your entry doors are the problem in your unique pest situation. Measure the distance between the bottom of your entry door and your threshold. If the space if more than ¼ inch, a mouse can easily get in.  
  • Threshold – If you don’t have a threshold, you need one. A sturdy aluminum or steel one is good for high-traffic doors, but wood thresholds often look nicer. For the best results, add a door sweep too.  
  • Door Sweeps – A door sweep is an easily installed solution. They come in many different sizes, shapes and materials from vinyl and rubber strips to nylon brushes. You can even find elaborate sweeps that are enclosed in a metal threshold, or automatic ones that drop down to seal the door when it’s closed. A simple on will do the trick, though.  
  • Weatherstripping – Adding weatherstripping or door sealing materials to the perimeter of your entry door will also keep bugs and mice out. There are tons of different kinds of weatherstripping including foam tape, foam flange, runner, felt, vinyl and even metal. No matter what kind you choose, use a clear caulk to seal the place where the doorframes joins the wall, all around the bottom of the frame, and where the frame meets the ground. Unlike sweeps and thresholds, weatherstripping blocks the gaps on the sides and top of the door as well, making it even more difficult for pests to get in.  
  • Close the Door – All of these tips wont do a thing for pest control if you leave your door open. This can especially be a problem if you have kids in the house, as children are often forgetful when it comes to closing doors. If it’s a big problem, try installing a door closer. These devices use hydraulics to automatically close and latch a door when its left open. You can find door closers at your local hardware or home improvement store, or you can look online for more advanced models.  

Pest-proofing your entry doors can also help stop unwanted light, smells and heat from entering your home. Pest-proofing doubles as soundproofing, insulating and weatherproofing, which can save you money on energy costs and keep your home more comfortable. Also, keeping pests out by natural methods is always preferable to using pesticides and dangerous chemicals.   

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