[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re like most Vallejo homeowners, there’s a strong chance that you don’t consider purchasing new entry doors unless your current doors are damaged or past the point of repair. Trust us, we get it. With everything you have to consider on a day to day basis, the last thing you want to worry about is your entry door. However, the longer you put off replacing your entry doors, the longer you’ll have to live with some household problems that can easily be avoided. Chances are your entry doors are probably sending off some signs that they are ready to be replaced. You just aren’t recognizing them. Here we put together a short list of some tell tale signs that it’s time to replace your Vallejo, CA entry door.

Your Door Requires a Little Extra Muscle

For safety purposes, all doors will give a slight resistance when opening and closing. However, if your morning workout requires unjamming your way out, then you likely need a new door. This is especially true if you’ve already taken steps like having the hinges oiled and the door continues to get stuck. This problem is more than likely an outcome of weather damage in which the door frame has absorbed too much moisture and has become swollen. Even if you fix the jammed door, weather damage will likely cause future problems like rotting within the frame. We suggest purchasing new entry doors with a strong, weather resistant material like fiberglass.

Your Energy Bill Continues to Rise

According to the American Energy Association (AEA) nearly 60% of the energy wasted in the average American household escapes through its windows and doors. That’s a good chunk of your energy bill when you stop and think about it. If your bill continues to rise despite replacing your windows, buying energy smart products, and other energy saving efforts, chances are your doors are to blame. Typically this is a result of weather damage similar to what we described above, in which drafts and gaps have formed as a result of a particularly moist season. You can continue paying for repairs and hope for the best, or you can switch to a more energy efficient entry door model and start saving money.

Your Home Has Been Broken Into

If your home has suffered from a break in or an attempted break in, then there’s a good chance your doors are leaving your home vulnerable to outside threats. Doors that have received excessive wear and tear are easier to maneuver from the outside, making them a security risk. Keep your family and belongings safe by buying new, durable, secure entry doors.

If you find that you relate to one or more of the signs above, then we strongly recommend stopping by Rocket Door and speaking with one of our entry door experts today. Our door experts will happily provide you with a free, no pressure consultation to help you get started on the right foot.  Start today by calling call 707-689-5147 or visit our store located at 1639 E Monte Vista Avenue #L103 Vacaville, CA 95688.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]