Today’s society values its choices: 31 flavors of ice cream, 82 brands of cereal, 650 retirement plans and hundreds of cars to choose from on the lot.  On average, Americans make 70 choices a day on everything from purchases to email management.

But researchers say that too many choices actually exhaust us and make us unhappy.  Too often, we shut down and make no decisions at all.

“As the number of options increases, the costs, in time and effort, of gathering the information needed to make a good choice also increase,” says Barry Schwartz, a professor at Swarthmore College. “The level of certainty people have about their choice decreases. And the anticipation that they will regret their choice increases.”

In reality, the smaller the choice set, the better decisions humans tend to make, says Tibor Besedes, associate professor of economics at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

He would love the process of buying a door from Rocket Door.

That’s because we took a page out ofInc.magazine before the business experts began writing the advice articles. The way out of this mess is simple: trust the experts and offer consumers fewer options.

Sure, there are hundreds of door manufacturers who produce a product that would work for your home. And cost you hundreds of hours and frustration sorting through them all. And chances are, your knowledge covers style and material benefits, which is a great start but not the whole story.

So Rocket Door did that advanced homework for you and narrowed the many to two that meet this criteria:

  • We insist that the doors and jambs are manufactured in the same factory at the same time.
  • The doors must be pre-hung in the same factory.
  • No finger-jointed material is acceptable on the jambs
  • The doors and jambs must have a baked-on finish applied at the same time in the same factory in which they are made—no third-party vendors.
  • They only offer ball bearing hinges.

By no means does Rocket Door limit your expressive freedom. International Wood Products and Provia still offer an array of shapes and colors and ideas, but now you’re selecting from the qualities that satisfy your creative urges and make you happy.

Visit our showroom at 1639 E Monte Vista Avenue #L103 Vacaville, CA 95688 or call to set an appointment: (707) 689-5147 andsee how going through just two doors can open a world of possibilities!