If you think a fiberglass door will have a smooth surface and artificial appearance, think again. Modern fiberglass doors look and feel like real wood, right down to the patterns of grain and knots. Advances in manufacturing techniques in the last couple of decades mean you don’t have to sacrifice appearance with fiberglass doors. There’s nothing artificial-looking about them.

Here are some reasons to consider fiberglass doors:

  • Appearance: Wood used to be the aesthetic standard for a home’s front door. Fiberglass and steel couldn’t compete with the warmth and naturalness of wood. No one wanted a front door that looked like the surface of a bathtub or the door of a bank vault. But that’s all so last century. Modern fiberglass techniques can create doors with the look of wood that’s hard to distinguish from the real thing. Fiberglass doors can even be made to imitate the look of specific wood — oak, mahogany or fir.
  • Style variety: Aside from looking like genuine wood, fiberglass allows for a wide range of styles. Almost any configuration of paneling, glass, transoms and side panels can be arranged. And they can be painted or stained to match a home’s overall look. And if the look of wood isn’t what you’re after, smooth textures are available, too.
  • Durability: Fiberglass doors are built to last. The material is strong, resilient and less susceptible to the elements.They can withstand any kind of weather — hot, cold, dry or wet. The doors resist rust, rot and dents better than those made of wood or steel. And because they don’t absorb or lose moisture like wood does, they don’t shrink or swell. That makes them especially suited for the harsh conditions of coastal or mountainous areas.
  • Low maintenance costs: The durability of fiberglass means you won’t be spending money for repairs due to damage from the elements or the wear and tear of everyday use. The initial cost of a fiberglass door may be more than one made of steel or comparable to wood, but fiberglass’s durability makes it the long-term economical choice. And because fiberglass stands up to the elements, you won’t have to refinish the surface like you’d have to with wood.
  • Savings on energy costs: Each fiberglass door is filled with insulation that has five times the insulating properties of wood. And steel is a very poor insulating material — if the exterior of a steel door is cold, you can bet the interior will be chilly, too. That means fiberglass is the best choice for keeping the outside weather where it belongs — outside. That translates into less heat or cool air being lost through the door, and that will mean lower energy bills.
  • The environmental choice: The use of fiberglass preserves natural resources by reducing the consumption of wood. And fiberglass doors’ long-term durability means fewer doors will be manufactured.
  • Security: It might seem that steel is the best choice for keeping out intruders but that’s not the reality. The strength of fiberglass makes it every bit as effective as steel in resisting strong-armed efforts to get past a door.

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