entry doors on your Vallejo, CAWhether you’re moving into a new house, or are simply updating the entry doors on your Vallejo, CA home, you get to choose the entry door hardware. You entry door’s hardware, meaning its knobs, locks and hinges, affect the door’s security, functionality, and aesthetics. In other words, the hardware is important. Learn more about different kinds of entry door hardware to be better equipped to choose the best for you and your home.

  • Round Knob – This is the standard doorknob style, and is often seen all around the home from the entry door to the patio door, and even interior doors. Round knobs are easily childproofed, and have a classic look.
  • Lever Handle – Lever handles are ideal for those that are wheelchair-bound or suffer from arthritis, as they don’t require any pinching, twisting or grabbing. All you need to do is press down on the lever to open the door.
  • Handle Set – Handle sets are a combination of a thumb latch and handle. They are commonly used on entry doors, and have a handle set on the exterior with a round knob on the interior.
  • Passage Lockset – Most often seen on doors in public areas, hallways and closets, they usually don’t have a lock and turn freely from both sides.
  • Privacy Lockset – Bedroom and bathroom doors usually have privacy locksets on their handles, meaning they can be locked from inside the room with a button or a turn.
  • Keyed Entry Lockset – This hardware can be locked from both sides, and has both interior and exterior uses. It is locked and unlocked with a button or a turn from one side, while the other side has a standard keyhole for operation.
  • Residential Hinge – The most common kind of hinge on interior and exterior doors, residential hinges have a rectangular portion installed on the door and frame so only the pin and joints are visible when the door is closed.
  • Ball Bearing Hinge – Designed for heavy doors, ball bearing hinges are lubricated for an easy and smooth door swing.
  • Spring Hinge – Back doors and doors to garages are ideal for spring hinge use, as they help close the door automatically so you don’t have to.
  • Double Action Spring Hinge – These hinges are what make swinging doors swing, as they allow the door to open in both directions for two-way access.

Once you choose a type of hardware, either from the above list or another option, you get to choose the finish color. This aspect is purely for aesthetics, but it is wise to have matching hardware throughout your home for continuity. Some popular finishes are brass, satin nickel or chrome, and polished chrome, but you can get as creative as you want.

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