If you’ve recently installed replacement doors in your Dixon, CA home, you probably have a bunch of old doors lying around. While it may be tempting to just get rid of them, don’t be too hasty. There are tons of creative and fun ways you can use old doors. Use this list of door DIY projects for inspiration.  

  • replacement doors in your Dixon, CAMirrors – A lot of old doors have recessed panels that are ideal for insetting a mirror. Buy a mirror at your local craft shop and cut it into size with a glass-cutting tool. Glue the mirror to the old door using mastic, and hang or lean it wherever you like.  
  • Table Top – Doors make excellent tabletops, especially since they’re already the right size and shape. Strip, sand and paint the door to your liking, then attach legs or a base the suit your style. For a super easy stand, you can attach the door to two painted sawhorses. If the door is recessed, consider putting a glass top on it to make it more ideal for holding drinks or food.  
  • Hang It – Bring indoor style to your outdoor space by using your old door as a porch table. You can hang the door from your porch beams or strong tree branches with strong twine. This way, you have more seating, don’t have a lot of construction, and have a beautiful focal point for your outdoor space.  
  • Storage – Most doors are the same size as a standard bookcase, making them ideal for DIY storage. Install shelves to the front of any old door, and anchor it to the wall for an easy, new storage space. 
  • Dividers – If you have more than one extra door, you can make a room divider. Combine at least two doors of the same size with hinges, and paint or decorate them to your liking. You can use these DIY screens to separate spaces in the same room, or add a bit more privacy where needed.  
  • Message Board – Paint an old door with chalkboard paint, hang it on the wall, and you have an instant home message center. If the door has multiple panels, you can give each panel a different purpose from schedules and mail to phone messages. You can also install a corkboard sheet on one panel.  
  • Hook and Hang – Instead of installing hooks and racks on your walls, do it on an old door. You can lean the door against any wall where you need extra storage, from the bathroom or bedroom to the entryway or mudroom.  
  • Headboard – Spice up your bedroom by repurposing old doors as your headboard. You can lean two or three doors vertically side-by-side to make an instant headboard for a queen or king bed.  

To do any of these fun ideas, you first need to get replacement doors. Visit Rocket Door at 1639 E Monte Vista Avenue #L103 Vacaville, CA 95688, or call us at (707) 689-5147 for some great Dixon, CA replacement door options.