The two most common door materials are wood and fiberglass, and most homeowners are lost when it comes to choosing between the two. If you’re choosing between wood and fiberglass doors for your Sacramento, CA home, you should definitely learn more about the benefits of fiberglass, as there are many.

First, fiberglass doors are incredibly moisture resistant. Then are molded without any breaks or seams in their outer coverings, making them impervious to moisture or leakage. Wood doors, however, are very sensitive to moisture. They will oftentimes swell, peel, bow and otherwise become disfigured when exposed to moisture. This is especially important in areas with high humidity, like the Sacramento, CA area.

fiberglass doors for your Sacramento, CAFiberglass doors are also 5 times more energy efficient than wood doors. This is incredibly important if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or impact on the environment. Even if you don’t care about the environment, fiberglass doors’ energy efficiency can help you save money on your monthly energy bills, as fiberglass offers better insulation for heat and cold, and better energy performance overall.

Another benefit of fiberglass doors is their strength. They are resistant to dings, scratches, splintering and rot, which is ideal for families with young children, pets, or those in areas with high winds. Their strength also makes fiberglass doors better for security than their wooden counterparts.

Sadly, many wooden doors don’t come with warranties for sun damage, cracking, warping or peeling, meaning you don’t have many repair or replacement options when you choose wood doors. This is doubly sad, as wood doors require a lot of maintenance. While all doors, including fiberglass, need a little attention and care to maintain function and appearance, wood doors require almost constant cleaning, sanding, sealing and repainting. Fiberglass doors, on the other hand, only need a cleaning every once in a while.

Finally, fiberglass doors are simply a better investment than wood doors. The 2018 Cost vs. Value Report found that entry door replacement is one of the best ways to increase home resale value, often reaching a payoff of 91.3% of the initial replacement cost. A lower initial cost, increased curb appeal, and low future maintenance, all of which are offered by fiberglass doors, means an even higher payoff.

When all crucial factors are considered, including upfront costs, design, flexibility and long-term performance, fiberglass doors are a much better long-term investment that wooden doors.

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