Realtors call it curb appeal, but homeowners know it as first impression. The way a stranger feels about a home starts before they ever pull into the driveway—and the right front entry door sets the tone for the visit.

So if you plan to sell your home on the market in the foreseeable future, you want that first impression to wow potential buyers well before they start counting cabinets in the kitchen and touring the master bathroom.

No one understands that psychological factor better than the experts at Rocket Door. On the other hand, no one wants to throw away money. And we’re totally onboard with that sentiment as well. That’s why our team is respected wherever we go: We stand ready to work with you as a partner, not a sales team.

Remodelingmagazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report evaluating construction costs and the associated resale value places front door replacement in the midrange of home improvement projects that provide the higher ROIs at selling time. Even better news? These midrange projects are where most homeowners are budgeting—including your competitors on the real estate websites.

“Upscale and big projects have declined in value compared to previous years,” says Craig Webb, editor in chief at Remodeling.

In California, sellers currently recoup 95.4 percent of the cost of a steel door replacement and 82.4 percent on fiberglass, which means you are paying practically nothing to enjoy the visual and economical advantages while your name is on the mailbox. Only adding a manufactured stone veneer and a garage door replacement offer a better ROI … and their initial costs are far higher than door pricing.

But even if your For Sale sign in the yard is several years down the road, now is the time to get started. And you can thank the red-hot economy for the nudge. Contractors say 2018 is setting records for activity levels across the country. “Remodeling activity is being driven by solid gains in employment and rising home values, factors that are giving homeowners the confidence to invest in their homes,” says Mark Boud, the chief economist at Metrostudy.

In the big picture, the industry is anticipating a 5 percent activity increase in 2018, with an additional 2.7 percent increase beyond that in 2019. In English, that means postponing remodeling work could put your life plans at odds with scheduling realities.

At Rocket Door, we’re poised to match our expert team of installers with your calendar now. Learn more about how our products can meet your needs by visiting our showroom: 1639 E Monte Vista Avenue #L103 Vacaville, CA 95688. Call to set an appointment: (707) 689-5147.