Paint offers a fast, effective way to change the appearance of your home. As you are driving through the neighborhoods here in Napa, CA, pay attention to the paint colors that are used. Do you see a home that you like? Use these examples to generate ideas for new paint colors for your home.

If you are thinking about repainting your home, then it might be a great time to install new front entry doors as well. Consider your goals with the home renovations so that you can ensure that all of the features look good together.

Here are a few tips that you should consider if you are selecting paint for the property:

Strategy #1: Choose Complementary Colors

There are three elements to the exterior of your home: the main color, accent colors, and the trim. Accent colors are usually used on the front entry doors, shutters, and any other related areas. The trim color is for the door casing, edging of the roof, window frames, and railings.

It is important that these three colors are complementary. At the same time, you need a little bit of contrast. For example, choose body and trim colors that are contrasting. If the main areas of your home are painted a dark color, then it will look great to have light colored trim. The front door can be a great place to experiment with unique colors if you want something a little different.

Strategy #2: Blend with Other Exterior Features

What are the exterior features that will be left untouched? If you aren’t changing every aspect of the exterior, then you need to be sure that the new paint colors correspond with the older features. For example, if you have a brown roof that won’t be changed, then it might be too much to paint the rest of the home the same color of brown. Instead, choose a contrasting color to create depth in the design.

Don’t overlook the natural colors that come from landscaping. The overall color palette is impacted by everything in front of the home, including the features of the building as well as the landscaping details.

Strategy #3: Consider Your Home Style

What is the overarching architectural style of the property? This style needs to be considered when you are choosing paint colors. Look at similar homes if you need inspiration for the colors that will be good for your property.

Contemporary homes usually look good with neutral colors, such as gray, cream, black, and white. On the other hand, Spanish style homes are traditionally earthy colors, such as warm brown, orange, yellow, and cream. Traditional styles are often designed using tan, brown, brick, and other natural colors.

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