Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home right away, you need to think about the way curb appeal impacts your family. The front of your home is like a “handshake” to greet visitors when they come to see you. People pull up to the curb in front of your Vallejo, CA home and form an immediate opinion based on the appearance of the yard and front entryway.

Here are a few essential steps that you should follow to upgrade the appearance of your property:

Install New Front Entry Doors

Most designers will agree that the front door is the focal point for the exterior appearance of the home. When someone looks at your home, they form an opinion about the property within five seconds. Usually, the focus of their opinion is based on the entry area of the home since that is where the eye is drawn. Installing new front entry doors will upgrade your home and show that you care about the style of your property.

Work on the Landscaping

You don’t need to have pristine landscaping in your yard. But, it is important to keep the grass, trees, and flower beds tidy. Start by removing old weeds and branches that are dragging down the appearance of your home. Then, add a little personality by planting flowers and other yard features that will create a nice appearance.

Clean Up the Toys

It’s good that your kids are having fun when they play outside. But, sometimes it can take some work to keep up with the toys that are left in the yard. Putting away the toys is essential to make your home look nice. If there are toys scattered through the yard, then it might leave the wrong impression when potential buyers come to tour your home.

Install New Windows

Even though the front entry doors are often a focal point, it is natural for the eyes to be drawn to the window features as well. Quality windows go a long way to upgrade the external appearance of the building. Coordinate the entry doors and windows to create a new style.

Add Patio Furniture

A small bench or patio swing goes a long way to transform your porch. These details make your home look more comfortable and inviting. If you have a large patio area, consider adding a side table, plants, or any other features that will improve the appearance of the porch. But, be careful that you don’t add too many things on the porch! You need a touch of style, without making the area look cluttered.

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