While installing replacement doors on your Dixon, CA home isn’t the biggest or most involved home improvement project, it does still require preparation and planning. One part of the planning process is scheduling the replacement door installation. Though Dixon, CA winters tend to be fairly mild, many homeowners express a lot of hesitation and concern about doing a door replacement in the winter. They list many worries, from the warm air escaping and cold air and other outside elements entering, and the crew tracking in rain and mud, to it simply being just too cold for the window contractors to do their best work and successfully install your doors.

replacement doors on your Dixon, CADespite these worries, winter door replacements are quite possible, and sometimes better than door replacements during the spring, summer or fall. Many contractors aren’t as busy in the winter, so you might have an easier time finding a date that works with your schedule. You might also get a better deal as the contractor businesses are looking for more work in their “off” season.

Most door contractors have set plans in place to perform winter door installations. Some common steps that these plans include are:

  • Closing off each room that is being worked on to minimize heat loss
  • Working in teams to remove only one door at a time, effectively minimizing outdoor exposure. Experienced teams can have each door removed for about five minutes or less, reducing the outdoor exposure even more.
  • Covering and protecting floors and furnishings from winter elements like rain, mud, road salt as well as from foot traffic and construction debris.
  • Custom-manufacturing each door to 1/8” of the opening so the installers can add additional installation on site, helping to maximize energy efficiency and reduce installation time.

Its also important to remember that a door replacement is only as good as the installation team, and an efficient, swift, and professional installation is even more important during the winter months. Rocket Door has the experience needed to make your door replacement fast, effective and successful.

Whether you made an error in planning, or your doors start to fail on you in the dead of winter when you need them most, there’s nothing to worry about. You can easily have a door replacement in the winter, especially with the help and expertise of Rocket Door.

The first step toward getting your replacement doors installed is having an in-home consultation with a team member from Rocket Door. We will take a look at your home and your doors to have a better idea of how long the project will take, and what your specific details require. If you want to schedule your consultation, or if you have more questions about Dixon, CA replacement doors, you can stop by and pay us a visit at 1639 E Monte Vista Avenue #L103

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