efficiency is very important, though it may not feel like it here in sunny Napa, CA. However, if you’re looking for fiberglass replacement doors for your Napa, CA home, it’s crucial to take energy efficiency into account. Energy efficient doors not only keep your home more comfortable and your energy spending down, but can also help you do your part for the environment.   

How do you find energy efficient doors? Use Energy Star. Energy Star is a United Stated Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, program that helps home and business owners save money, and the environment, through energy efficiency programs, information and technological advancements. Energy Star rates and tests different window and door products to find the most energy efficient options, so homeowners like you don’t have to do the legwork.   

The following criteria must be met for a door system to get an Energy Star rating: 

  • Be made by an Energy Star manufacturing partner 
  • Pass independent testing by the National Fenestration Rating Council, or NFRC and receive certifications and verifications  
  • Receive NFRC ratings that meet the EPA’s energy efficient guidelines like U-Factor, SHGC and more 

While there aren’t and specific construction or technology requirements for Energy Star rated doors, a lot of them have some features in common like quality materials and extras like low-E glass. Certain frame materials like wood and fiberglass make more energy efficient products, and Low-E glass is coated with a transparent film to reflect infrared light back outside to keep your home cool without over working your air conditioning system.   

So what does all this mean for your new doors in Napa, CA?  

Energy Star rates and categorizes energy efficient door ratings by climate zone so you can easily find the best options for your region. The zones are Northern, North Central, South Central and Southern. Climate has a big difference on energy efficiency, as some climates need windows that keep homes warm, while others need windows that keep homes cool. Napa, CA is in the South Central zone. Energy Star also recommends the following ratings for energy efficient skylights and doors in Napa: 

  • Skylights U-Factor of 0.53 or less 
  • Skylights SHGC of 0.28 or less 
  • Opaque Doors (no glass) U-Factor of 0.17 or less 
  • Light Doors (50% glass) U-Factor 0.25 or less 
  • Full-Lite Doors (more than 50% glass) U-Factor 0.3 or less  

Trust Energy Star for reliable and helpful information that will guide you towards energy efficient fiberglass replacement doors. Rocket Door can help, too. We have years of experience in the fiberglass door business, and would love to use that experience to help you find the best doors for your home. Stop by our showroom located at 1639 E Monte Vista Avenue #L103 Vacaville, CA 95688 to see some Napa, CA fiberglass replacement doors in person. We can also do in-home consultations for your convenience. Give us a call today at (707) 689-5147 for more information.