Doors only need to open and close to function properly, right? Unfortunately, that is not that case. There are a lot of things that can go wrong for fiberglass replacement doors in Benicia, CA and beyond. Door operation is not as simple as it may seem, and that operation is easily compromised. Doors can have problems because of climate, bad weather, aging, and general overuse.   

fiberglass replacement doors in Benicia, CADon’t worry, though, because there are plenty of easy fixes for the majority of common door problems. Use the following list of common fiberglass replacement door problems and their fixes to help you fix your doors: 

  1. Drafts – A door should be airtight when its shut. This means that air should not be able to exit or enter through the door when it’s close. If you feel any air coming in or going out from your door when it’s closed, you probably have a draft issue. Drafts are caused by a myriad of issues, from old weather-stripping to bad installation. The easiest fix for a door draft is to call your door contractor for a professional opinion.  
  2. Latching – If your door has a latch, that latch should keep it securely shut when the door is closed. If you can’t keep the door closed, or you have to push really hard to activate the latch, you have a problem. The first fix is to check to see if the door fits inside the jamb. If it doesn’t, install screws to keep in place. You can then realign the latch area by removing it and replacing it.  
  3. Loose Screws – If you look at your door hinges, you might see a few loose screws. While this seems arbitrary, loose screws can be dangerous as they can cause the door to fall off. Take a look at the screws. If they’re not damaged, simply screw them back into place. If the screws have been compromised, replace it. You might also need to drill a new pilot hole or fill the screw area with an adhesive to help hold up the door.  
  4. Sticking – If you doors get stuck when you try to open or close them, something might be wrong with the hinges. Take a closer look at the hinges to check for rust or dirt buildup. If you need to, clean the hinges or even replace them. If your sliding doors are sticking, do the same for the track.  

There are some door problems that are not easily fixed and require you to get a replacement door. Its always best to invest in a replacement door if you need to, as faulty doors can leave you in an unsafe situation from the door falling, whether getting in or a break in.   

If your doors need to be replaced, Rocket Door can help. We offer a wide range of Benicia, CA fiberglass replacement door services, and can help you determine if your door issues can be repaired, or if your doors need to be replaced. Please pay us a visit at 1639 E Monte Vista Avenue #L103 Vacaville, CA 95688, or give us a call today at (707) 689-5147.