If you’re considering fiberglass replacement doors for your Dixon, CA home, you’ve most certainly wondered about wood replacement doors as well. Which material makes for a better replacement door?   

The short answer is fiberglass. Fiberglass replacement doors have a lot of benefits over wood, and lots of other door materials. Some of these benefits include:  

  • fiberglass replacement doors for your Dixon, CAAppearance – Fiberglass doors come in lots of different finished, colors, and more so you can get the exact look you want. You can even find fiberglass doors with details that mimic wood grain, knots and other wood flaws to give you the look of wood without all the hassle.  
  • Durability – Fiberglass doors, unlike their wood counterparts, will not warp, shrink, crack or split in the face of changing weather. In fact, fiberglass doors last well in almost any climate from hot to cold, wet to dry, and anything in between.  
  • Maintenance – One of the best things about fiberglass doors is that they require little to no maintenance, while wood doors require constant cleaning and refinishing. Fiberglass doors do need to be resealed or re-stained every so often.  
  • Energy Efficiency – Fiberglass doors are designed for energy efficiency. Great fiberglass features like dual or triple glazing and foam cores help keep your home’s temperature more stable, effectively reducing your energy usage and spending. Also, unlike wood doors that expand and contract with changing seasons, fiberglass doors stay the same size for maximum seal.  
  • Cost – Fiberglass replacement doors are all about value. They last a long time with minimal maintenance, making them a great investment that will last for years to come. On average, a fiberglass door can cost from $500 to $2,500 depending on size, type, and added features. Fiberglass doors can also get more expensive depending on the material on which the door is installed. Be sure to get a field estimate from your door distributor as to avoid any surprises in installation costs.  

How do door materials besides wood compare to fiberglass? Fiberglass generally takes the cake. Steel doors, for example, have lots of downside that fiberglass doors don’t. Steel doors, though durable, can be dented or damaged. They also have a tendency to rust if not cared for properly, and their paint often peels off over time. Unlike fiberglass doors, steel doors are not energy efficient at all as they have little to no insulation. Steel doors can be cheaper than fiberglass models, but their added maintenance and short life expectancy make them lose value.   

All these reasons and more make fiberglass replacement doors a better choice over wood or other materials like steel.   

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