replacement door market in Vallejo, CAImpact resistant doors make up about 10% of the replacement door market in Vallejo, CA and the rest of the United States, and that number is only expected to go up. What are impact resistant doors, and why are they becoming so popular?   

Impact resistant windows are standard models with added impact resistant features like impact-resistant glass, thick and durable frames and secure fastenings to elevate their protection efficacy. These doors are made to act as a home’s main source of protection against many dangers including severe weather, ill-intending humans, and unnecessary energy use.   

Impact resistant windows and doors are generally made with shatter resistant glass and durable frame materials like vinyl or coated wood. Just like car windshield glass, impact resistant glass is made from multiple layers of normal glass with shatter-resistant films installed in between each layer to boost strength and resist cracking or breaking. Impact resistant doors and windows also have extra-sturdy frames to stay in place even in the face of tough weather or attempted break-ins.  

Windows and doors have to pass tests and gain specific certifications in order to be deemed “impact resistant.” These tests and guidelines are designed, regulated and administered by The American Society for Testing And Materials and are reliable for trusted for accurate information and consumer guidance. Impact resistant doors and windows commonly have to pass two tests to insure their effectiveness and safety: the launch missile impact test and a pressure test.   

There are a few main reasons why impact resistant replacement doors are becoming so popular:  

  • Building codes are becoming increasingly more stringent, especially in areas where severe weather has become more common and more dangerous. For example, Florida building codes have become drastically more severe after Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 
  • As our climate shifts, severe weather and natural disasters are becoming more prevalent. The numbers hurricanes and typhoons are going up, according to a recent NOAA prediction.  
  • Homeowners are becoming more attuned to security risks beyond severe weather or natural disasters. Impact resistant doors are very effective in burglary protection, as well as other helpful benefits like energy efficiency, noise reduction, and UV light protection. 
  • Impact resistant doors can even help you qualify for savings on your insurance premiums. The Citizens Property Insurance Corporation assigns discounts for impact-resistant windows and doors, provided that all of the home’s openings are protected. After your new impact resistant replacement doors are installed, you must complete a Mitigation Application with the help of a licensed professional home inspector, and submit the application to your insurance for a discount.  Once that is complete you can submit the application to your insurance company to receive a discount on your insurance. 

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