Front doors in Fairfield, CAFront doors in Fairfield, CA and beyond can actually be security risks to homes. While most people view the front door as the beautiful and cheery place where they welcome people into their home, 70% of home invaders get in through a front door rather than a window.  

While this statistic is scary, there are lots of easy ways you can make your home safer by adding a few extra features to your front door. Some steps you can take are: 

  1. Make Your Door Solid – Your entry door should be kick-proof and solid. You need a solid door made from a tough material like wood or metal, or one with a solid wood core. This way, home invaders can’t kick or break through the door itself.  
  2. Get Rid of Extra Windows – While have windows in or along side your entry door are lovely and welcoming, they make it easy for someone to break the glass and get into your home. If you’re installing a new entry door, choose one without a window to prevent someone from breaking the window and accessing the lock. If your door already has a window, replace the glass with reinforced glass or install decorative bars or metal reinforcement to make the window stronger.  
  3. Trim Your Plants – Keep all shrubbery and flowers away from your entry door. Burglars might be deterred from attempting a break in if there are clear sightlines from the door to the street or a neighbor’s house.  
  4. Install a Deadbolt – No matter how strong your door itself is, it won’t do any good if your lock is easily broken. A deadbolt is a quick and easy fix. When shopping for a deadbolt, don’t go for the cheapest model, as they are easy to break. Go with a trusted brand with a long bolt that will extend far into your door.  
  5. Install Secondary Bolts – You can also install a secondary, one-sided deadbolt to use when you are home. These bolts are not accessible from the outside, and can only be turned from inside the house. Secondary bolts are almost impossible for a home invader to bypass, so they will keep you safe at night when you are sleeping.  
  6. Don’t Forget the Frame – Your entry doorframe and doorjamb are also very important. One hard kick to a weal jamb or frame will have the door swinging open in no time at all. Get rid of thin or flimsy strike plates and go for a deeper box strike. Use 3-inch screws to install these strikes deep into the wall studs rather than smaller screws that only go through the doorjamb.  You can also reinforce your doorjamb with galvanized steel to make it stronger.  

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