When you decide to replace the front entry doors in your home, you have the opportunity to create a new style for your property. Customizing the door and porch can upgrade the entryway, making your home look beautiful and trendy. If you live in Davis, CA, then you need to talk to our team at Rocket Door to learn more.

We always offer custom solutions for every home. When you schedule a consultation, our team will listen to your requests and take note of the details to match your needs. When we have enough information, we can make recommendations about the products that will look great in your home.

As you are working on the customizations for your new entry door in Davis, CA, follow these important design tips:

Look at a Range of Styles

Don’t assume that a specific door style is best until you have compared the other products in the industry. You might be surprised to see how many options are offered. Look at pictures online to find doors that you prefer. Make sure to visit our showroom so that you can see more products that are available.

Energy Efficiency Matters for Your Doors

How much energy are you losing through the external doors in your home? If there are gaps around the doors, then it is likely that the warm air is coming through the door and into your living space. Blocking these drafts will improve the efficiency of your home. As a result, the cool air from the air conditioner will stay inside. Talk to our team about energy efficiency options if you are looking for solutions to minimize your monthly utility bills.

Don’t Forget about Safety

The appearance of your door is important. But, you shouldn’t overlook the essential features that will impact the safety of your home. For example, you need to choose hardware that will make it easy to lock the door. Also, consider solid, strong materials that will protect your family in the unlikely circumstance where you are facing a dangerous situation.

Choose Custom Measurements for the Best Results

Instead of buying stock products from a big-box store, it is best to hire a contractor that will take custom measurements for your home. A perfect fit not only impacts the energy efficiency of the door. But, it also plays a role in the function and performance of the door. Plus, the right fit helps to minimize the risk of pests coming inside.

Schedule a Consultation

You deserve to have beautiful front entry doors. So, it might be time to talk to our team about the materials and installation options that are available. If you are interested in learning more, then you can set a time for a consultation with us at Rocket Door. We offer a convenient local office for you to visit: 1639 E Monte Vista Avenue #L103 Vacaville, CA 95688. Or, call if you prefer to have an in-home meeting so that we can measure the door and provide recommendations: (707) 689-5147