The front door is the focal point of every home’s outward appearance. It’s where every visitor heads, and it offers the homeowner an opportunity to create a personal signature, whether through bold statements or subtle details. Distinctive front doors can say a lot about a home’s inhabitants.

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Here’s a look at the leading trends in front doors:

Go big. Front doors are getting both wider and taller. The bigger doors create a grand-entrance feel and have an big effect on a home’s street-view appearance. Larger entryways also have a practical side — they make it easier to move furniture in and out.

More glass. A door made either entirely or partly of glass creates a stylish entrance to any home. Full-glass doors have a delicate beauty and elegance. Doors made with panels of glass or with oval inserts also create unique looks. Glass also brings in more light and creates an airy atmosphere. And glass doesn’t necessarily meaning sacrificing privacy. Frosting or other treatments can limit its transparency.

Bold, bright colors. If you’ve ever been to Dublin, Ireland, you know the impact a brightly colored door can have. It’s stunning how brightly colored doors bring life to Dublin’s drab row houses. And the same thing can happen to a suburban American home — a bright and bold color can make it really stand out. According to, hot choices for front door colors include turquoise, lime green, bright yellow, golden orange and high-gloss black. If none of those hit your mark, you can invent your own color by mixing hues at a paint store. And one other advantage of paint: if you don’t like it, you can always just paint over it.

Dutch doors. Doors with two halves that open independently of each other have a long history. They originated as a way to keep out animals, dust and debris while allowing in plenty of fresh air. Today those attributes still apply while adding a rural charm to a home. They also keep pets and children in while still bringing a bit of the outdoors inside.

Staining. It’s hard to beat the natural beauty of wood, and staining is one way to really bring out the patterns of grain in wooden door. A simple wooden door highlighted by staining can create a striking entrance to any style of home. And stain comes in many colors.

Asymmetry. Doors have traditionally employed balance in their design — panels and glass set off in usual patterns. But variations in balance have come into vogue. Asymmetry can be achieved in many ways — varying the widths of side panels or the locations of glass or panels on the door itself.

Pivots instead of hinges. Doors that operate on pivots set top and bottom create a show with every opening and closing. They also shift weight away from the door jamb and allow for heavier doors.

Door decor. One easy way to put a personal touch on a front door is to add adornments– think year-round wreaths, distinctive hardware and knockers.

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